SZN50 foundation free wet mortar mixing plant

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Applicable mix to all types of wet mortar mixing plant...

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Adopt vertical planetary mixer, high mixing efficiency, mortar homogeneity is good, adopt foundation free structure, small area coverage, small and flexible (installation takes only 3 days); Adopt container type structure, fast installation site, attractive appearance, using the overall seal, good environmental protection, the measuring system is accurate and reliable, high level of automation, dust removal effect is remarkable.


Applicable mix to all types of wet mortar mixing plant, Applicable to the production of commercial mortar.

Technical Parameters

Model SZN50V SZN50S
Theoretical productivity (m³/h) 50 50
Mixer Model JN1000 JN1000
Power(kW) 45 45
Discharge capacity(m³) 1 1
Maximum aggregate size(mm) <4.75 <4.75
Weight capacity and

measuring precision

Sand(kg) 1500±2% 1500±2%
Ement(kg) 500±1% 500±1%
Trace powder additive scale(kg) 30±1% 30±1%
Water(kg)   250±1% 250±1%
Liquid additive scale(kg) 20±1% 20±1%
Total power(kW) 90 86.5
Discharge height(m) 4 4

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