Shantui Janeoo’s first domestic DCM deep cement mixing plant was put into use at the new airport in Hong Kong

Recently, the first domestic DCM deep cement mixing plant produced by SHANTUI Janeoo was put into use at the new airport project in Hong Kong, which is built into the airport construction of the country's major construction project by Shantui Janeoo after the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

"CCCC DCM1" construction vessel serves as the domestic first deep cement mixing ship, is also the first to enter the 3204 standard construction site. The ship is 60 meters in length, 26 meters wide, 4.1 meters deep, pile height of 48.6 meters, the first time in the country using three sets of processor devices. DCM ship a treatment area of up to 13.92 square meters, the maximum depth of treatment up to 35 meters below the surface, equipped with a water meter, water depth gauge, level meter, GPS and a series of advanced automatic detection equipment, the construction management control system with a high degree Of the automation performance, to achieve a one-click pile, and can be manual, automatic construction of any conversion, automation reached the world leading level. Up to now, the construction of the ship has been piling 15, to meet the construction schedule requirements.

Hong Kong's new airport project is located in the high control areas of aviation height, with high frequencies of typhoons, heavy rain, high temperature, humidity and other extreme weather, and environmental requirements are complex and strict. The DCM Mixer has been successfully installed and worked in such a severe environment, demonstrating that the Hill Mixing Equipment is designed to meet the high performance, high quality and reliability of different operating environments

Post time: May-20-2017