Shantui Janeoo ranks “Top 10 2016 China’s concrete machinery brand awareness”

On January 3, 2017, China's road machinery network and construction machinery business network in Beijing released the "2016 China's concrete machinery user brand attention ranking." This is the first time in 2009 China's road machinery network for the first time since the launch of China's concrete machinery brand attention to the list, the ninth consecutive year to launch the list.

The China Road Machinery Network and Construction Machinery Business Network not only released the list of Chinese manufacturers of construction machinery brand attention, but also introduced including excavators, loaders, bulldozers, road machinery, asphalt mixing plant, asphalt paver , Concrete machinery, curing machinery, concrete machinery, concrete mixing plant, mixing truck, engineering crane, tower crane, aerial work platform, pile of machinery, industrial vehicles, including 17 major list.

"China's construction machinery user brand attention ranking" objective and fair, based on China's road machinery and construction machinery business network users in 2016 on all brands, products, browsing and online inquiry generated by the number of brand awareness index.

The list can faithfully reflect the industry users of the brand and product preferences, can quickly and keenly reflect the corporate brand and product in the user groups in the influence and coverage; to a certain extent, play a forecast of sales, and instructions The role of the market direction.

Post time: Jul-20-2016