Shantui Janeoo products help the construction of Dongqing Expressway reconstruction and expansion project


Recently, 1 set of E3R-120 and 1 set of E5M-180 concrete batching plant of Shantui Janeoo have been successfully completed and delivered to customers. They will be used in the reconstruction and expansion project of Dongying-Qingzhou Expressway (hereinafter referred to as Dongqing Expressway).

During the period, the after-sales service personnel overcame the high temperature weather, adhered to the mission, strictly followed the safety production regulations, carefully controlled each safety adjustment link, and provided high-quality services to customers wholeheartedly, which won praise and affirmation from customers.

It is reported that the reconstruction and expansion project of Dongqingzhou Expressway is composed of G18 Rongwu Expressway and G25 Changshen Expressway. It is a traffic artery that runs through Dongying City from north to south and connects with the north of Qingzhou City in Weifang. It is also a golden channel connecting Beijing-Tianjin area and Jiaodong Peninsula. .                

After the project is completed, it will greatly improve the traffic capacity and traffic efficiency of expressways in Dongying, provide strong traffic support for regional economic development, and promote ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, as well as the construction of an efficient ecological economic zone in the Yellow River Delta. .

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Post time: Aug-09-2022