Shantui Janeoo achieves mass overseas sales of both batching plants and mixer trucks


Recently, Shantui Janeoo 2XSjHZS120-3B concrete batching plant and 10 sets of 12-square-meter concrete mixer trucks were successfully sent to the Philippines, and the service tour of assisting the construction project of Metro Manila will soon begin. At the delivery site, members of the finished product transportation team carried out orderly loading in combination with the size of the container truck, ensuring that the products were delivered on time.

In the early stage, with standardized production management and high-quality services, customers were very interested in the company after their visits. The purchase plan for batch mixing plants and mixing trucks was confirmed that month, which injected a boost for Shantui Janeoo’s foreign trade business. Affected by the global epidemic and the overseas market is sluggish, Shantui Janeoo has successfully played the role of “retrograde” and actively explored foreign markets. With its high-quality product quality and efficient service, it has used its actions to call out The reputation of “excellent construction, Janeoo for High Quality”.

Post time: Oct-12-2020