Shantui Janeoo 5G remote control system was selected as a pilot demonstration project of 5G industry in Jinan


Recently, in order to further implement the “Jinan City’s Action Plan for Promoting 5G Innovation and Development”, “Jinan City’s 5G Application Scenario Pilot Promotion Plan” and “Implementation Opinions on Industrial Product Consumption”, and accelerate the promotion of 5G integrated applications, Jinan City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology Organizing experts to conduct on-site review and network defense on Shantui Janeoo SjS76-2 5 remote control system and smart service management platform. During the on-site review process, the experts fully affirmed Shantui Janeoo’s application in the integration of 5G technology and products and provided valuable opinions. After screening at various levels, the declared project was successfully shortlisted for the 2020 5G industry pilot demonstration project in Jinan City.

Shantui Janeoo’s 5G remote control system leads the development of the concrete mixing equipment industry, realizing a qualitative breakthrough in mixing control technology, so that remote operation is no longer restricted by distance and location; improving the working environment of operators, keeping operators away from noise and The harm of dust plays an important role in improving the overall informatization and intelligence level of concrete production enterprises.

Post time: Dec-04-2020