Construction & Demolition Waste disposal equipment

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Construction & Demolition Waste disposal equipment has the advantages of...

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Construction & Demolition Waste disposal equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving and so on.

(1) Comprehensive application of roller separating screen, three-lever drum screen, water separation equipment and other screening equipment, can adapt to different venues construction waste, including concrete, bricks, and sieving all kinds of  sundries, such as: steel, metal tube, woven bag, roots, a small amount of garbage etc.

(2) Pulse reverse blowing baghouse system is adopted to effectively prevent dust pollution in the work, so as to achieve the real green environmental protection. 

(3) The main equipment unit completely adopts modular assembly, consisting of the three modules crushing, screening and dedusting. Convenient installation and disassembly, fully meet the requirements of modern construction.


Construction & Demolition Waste disposal equipment is a fully automatic crushing and sorting equipment, especially suitable for automatic production of recycled aggregate of construction waste.

Technical Parameters

Model LHGQ-100 LHGQ-200
Theoretical throughput(t/h) 100 200
Main Equipment Feeding, crushing, screening, conveying, removing iron and dust, etc. Jaw crusher, impact crusher, feeder, vibrating screen
roller screen, rotary screen, water sieve, etc.

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